Friday, November 5, 2010

Barton's Apple Orchard

A few weeks ago, we took our annual trip to Barton's Orchard in Poughquag, New York. This year was really exciting because it was the first time that Grant could participate in the day. Barton's is a great place for families and could even prove to be a cool date for you and the hubby too. With open fields, rows of Gala, Macintosh, Red Delicious apples there are plenty of places for the kids to run, hide and play not to mention places for playful couples to hide away as well.

Some of the spoils from our trip were delicious eggplants, apples, cucumbers, green beans and juicy apples. I was really surprised to find so many trees full of ripe juicy apples so late in the season (mid-October).

Eryn was excited to show off her big sister style, climbing trees to pick apples for her little brother. Grant wasn't too bad himself...picking apples from lower branches and from higher places with the help of Dad.

One of our favorite parts of our trips to Barton's are the homemade donuts. We always allow a little indulgence in the the soft, warm, sugary confections. This time we devoured a dozen of the yummy confections on our way through face painting, the petting zoo, imaginary play stations and mingling with all the other families who were there for the day.

As much as I wish and try, the apples were all eaten as healthy snacks rather than becoming part of a delicious apple pie, streusel or some other traditional SAHM baked good. Baby steps ladies....perhaps next year I'll take the big leap and bake a pie....


Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have a secret to tell you all but you'll have to wait until next time...

Can you guess what it is?