Friday, November 20, 2009

Quick Hits

Hello Moms -

As of November 2009, New York state has revised its child restraint laws. All children must remain in a child safety restraint until the age of 8 unless they weigh 100 pounds or more. Please log onto for more info or for other changes in states that you may be traveling to this holiday season, or if you live outside of NY.

I found this wonderful website that carries unique and hard to find bottles of wine called WinesTilSoldOut. Every day at 12 Midnight EST, they sell bottles of wine at 3o-70% off of store prices until their SOLD OUT! In addition to the great prices they ship your purchase for FREE!!!! You can become a member by visiting and don't worry because membership fees are also FREE!!!!

With the economy making a slow recovery and my desire to have great high quality brand name clothing and accessories, I'll be heading down to the warehouse sale next week for Rosa Cha (whose bathing suits I love and can once again fit into...) Elisa Atheniense, Maria Bonita Extra, Coven and many others. The sale is located at 52 Walker Street on the 5th floor (between Broadway & Church) in lower Manhattan. Log onto for subway/bus travel info or for driving directions (although I would not recommend...parking is not easy to find.) The sale runs from today, November 20th - November 30th, from 11am-6pm (M-F) and 12pm-5pm (Sat) and sorry ladies...they're closed on Thanksgiving and Sunday. Prices start at just $5 for swimwear, clothing and accessories. Happy Shopping!

And just in case you missed it last night, log onto for a jump start on Black Friday deals. Search your favorite stores or websites for price reductions!

Talk to you all next week! No blogging...the weekend is for family and MOMMY!!!!!!



  1. My son is NOT going to be happy about those new laws esp since he is ANXIOUS To sit in the front with me lol...but thnx for the info!

  2. Love the tips. Isn't blogging fun! Happy you started you site.

  3. That wine store online is pretty cool! I briefly looked into it but can you set it up that they send you an alert when the wine is changed?

    Good tips!

  4. Thanks Brianne - that's a good questions...let me look into netx week and get back to you.

  5. Thanks for sharing those links!

  6. Thanks for sharing the links.

    Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  7. Hi Brianne - it appears that you can setup email alearts via the site. Here's the link