Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are You There God? Its Me, Latwan...

I wonder if anyone else has that one person in their life, a mother, a sister, an in-law, or a friend, who they absolutely love, but who drives them absolutely nuts????

It's been 4 days and I finally spoke with my mother. While I was avoiding her, she was off throwing a silent tantrum in protest of a recent conversation. I called to check-in, to be sure she was doing okay and without thinking, mentioned that we are planning to hire a housekeeper. Why did I do that? Immediately she jumped in with: "I can't understand why some women can't keep up with their homes!" As if the months of deliberation wasn't enough. Did I really need her to reinforce what I'd been thinking for so long...that I'm failing if I hire someone to help around the house, despite the fact that I stay at home?! Thanks Ma!

My relationship with my mother is interesting.

In her world, she's perfect.

In my world, she's wonderful but imperfect.

So, I'll continue to pray...

Are you there God? It's me, Latwan. Please give me all that is good from my mother and let her keep the rest. Please allow open and honest conversations with my daughter as she grows into a woman and learns about life. Please make us both happy with the decisions she makes for herself and her family. And please, please, please provide us with focused conversations that do not journey off to the faraway land of "I Know What's Best For You!" That's where all of the well intentioned mothers live who believe they know what's best for their daughters' lives. I do not wish to take up residency there at any point in my life.

Thanks in advance for listening and granting my prayer.



  1. hahahahahahaaaaa - too funny! Luv the prayer! My aunt is like that. She's like my mom...recently she spent the night and while I was dressing to take her back home, she says to me "Oh Mandy! you have a beautiful body and a gorgeous shape!" I was like "Thanks!" and JUST as I was feeling myself she mutters as she walks away 'but you're still a little elastic,'ve gotta work on that" (blank stare!) LMAO !

  2. That's funny! I really try not to take any of it personal because I know she means well...but its soooooo irritating!I hope that I don't grow into a know it all mom.