Monday, April 12, 2010

Now...She's Gonna Make Him Feel Special!

Along the "Make Him Feel Special" bit, I had a really funny and coincidental conversation with my cousin today, about an exchange between she and her huband this past Sunday. The following conversation below is based on my memory but you'll get the drift.

Husband: "You don't make me feel loved anymore..."
Wife: "What?"
Husband: "You don't do anything special for me like you used to."
Wife: (Thinking) "Are you kidding me? I go out of my way to do things just for you ALL THE TIME!" (But she says) "What do you mean?"
Husband: "You don't dress up anymore."
Wife: "Well..I'm always with the baby and it makes it some what difficult, but I'll try."
Husband: "And you don't wear heels like you used to."

(So at this point, I'm thinking to myself...this is normal. My husband and I went through this for a bit after the birth of our first child.)

Wife: "Well I'll try but it's kind of difficult with the baby know I don't want to wake him up."

(So at this point, I'm completely confused until...)

Husband: "Well...that makes me feel special."
Wife: "Okay, I'll go buy some new stuff this week."

Can anyone guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?

LINGERIE SHOPPING with my cousin! She's buying some stuff to make her hubby feel special again! (I added this one to the tip box)

I will certainly consider picking something up too (wink, wink) but this is what I did for mine tonight.

What will you do for your hubby?


  1. Sounds like you and your friends have some lucky husbands. Hope they deserve it! Enjoyed the blog.

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  2. Great idea. Also, it's so cool that her husband communicated this. You two are great to go shopping for them as well. I would do just about anything for my husband. I think I'll bake for him tomorrow.

  3. I love the new look of your blog! Me and Elijah have definitely had this same conversation. I think men are definitely more visual. I guess I should do some shopping soon, especially since our fifth anniversary is this weekend!

  4. Great post Latwan! Finding the time to make your man feel special is something that I definitely need to work on because I feel like I'm losing my swag. A couple days ago, I wrote "Good morning handsome" on a post it and placed it on my fiance's bathroom mirror so that he could look at it and feel special every morning. I'll definitely be back for some more ideas. Have a blessed weekend

  5. I just wanted to say Thank-you for your blogfrog friendship, thought I would stop by and check out your blog! I enjoyed reading quite a few of your posts--you have a nice blog! Best wishes-Erika:)