Sunday, April 11, 2010

Commitment 1

When was the last time you went above and beyond to do something nice for your spouse within the last 30 days?

I'm sure that we can all relate to feeling taken for granted or overlooked, but how often do we prioritize our husbands and do something to make them feel special?

Shouldn't we treat them the way that we want to be treated? (I do things all day for everyone in the house.) But is there one thing that you do specifically for your husband on a regular basis to make him feel special? If so, I'd love some ideas.

In general, my husband is a pretty simple guy. He works really hard to take care of our family, doesn't ask for much and rarely complains.

Today, I publicly commit to doing at least 1 thing a week to make him feel special and most important, appreciated and promise to journal my efforts via this blog.

Today, I will let him sleep in (as long as he needs) to recuperate from his long work week.

What will you do for your hubby to make him feel special?


  1. You make some really valid points. I am now reading a new life coaching book called Life! By Design, in which the author makes similar points about taking ownership of your relationship - that you should be 100% committed to doing the things that make your partner feel special, and not just waiting around for it to happen. It sounds so simple but it's really not, so I admire that you're making this commitment and doing so bravely. I just dropped by from MBC and didn't expect to be commenting, but I couldn't help myself! Visit me if you'd like at

  2. Thanks! I'm happy that you found something to connect with here. You's kind of funny...I am at very reflective place right now...not sure why...may be that time of the month (LOL), but I'm constantly re-evaluating my life, relationship(s), parenting style and complete self in order to grow and become a better person and most importantly mother. Through my self-evaluation, I rediscovered that my relationship with my husband and making him feel special is incredibly important to me and the health of our family. He works so hard for us and has made tremendous sacrifices to support my desire to stay home with our children and I want to be sure to pay attention to his needs.

    I think at times, I can get really trapped in feeling overworked and under-appreciated that I overlook the fact that I am not in this alone. There is someone else equally tired and working equally as hard to be sure that our family has everything that we need.

    I will be right over in a few minutes to say hi!

  3. I really love this about you, that you are always reflecting and trying to become a better person.
    I agree that a healthy loving relationship between the mother and father is so important to the well being of the entire family. I believe that our children learn how to love, how they will treat their future spouse and how they will expect to be treated by watching their parents.
    For Elijah, letting him sleep in and making him certain meals are his favorites.

  4. Oh Latwan, you're the best wife! I'm not ready to be nice to mine yet! LMAO, I hope to get in that lovey state of mind like you someday. It's all about my comfort and my children's right now, I'll get back to him. To be continued . . .