Sunday, April 11, 2010

How Do You Do It?

Do you ever look around and wonder "Am I normal?"

Do you ever feel like a failure because you can't manage all of the competing priorities that come along with being a mother?

Do your children ever miss homework assignments, dance or soccer practice, eat pizza more than twice in one week, or comment on how "neat Grandma's house is" and how they wish theirs looked the same?

I get lucky some days and can get my daughter to and from school on time, are able to get dinner prepared and can get some other minor things done, but I'm looking around the house as I write and the piles of laundry I were folding over 8 hours ago are still not folded, there are still dishes in the sink, my desk is still a mess and the list goes on...

I felt "okay" earlier in the day knowing that I walked the dog, remembered to feed the kids and made an attempt to take my daughter to the park (she threw a terrible tantrum so we never made it), but I was okay knowing that I tried.

So as I cruise the "Mom Blogosphere" I realize that I may need to step my game up a notch!

How do these women manage to do it all while remaining sane?

Or, are they only sane as they write and go completely nuts when they get up from their computers?

I wonder...

Could anyone share their tips for getting things done each day because God knows that some of us (at least I) can certainly use them.

How do you organize your life?

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  1. It sounds kooky to a LOT of ppl but I use an organizer. I've tried life without it and it doesn't work for me. I USED to cook dinner every night, then every other night and now I don't really remember what my pots look like. I don't beat up myself for this because I realized I don't like cooking. I have to be in the mood and that's ok. I eat fairly healthy and so does my's an accomplishment that I feed him honestly lol but I do what works for me esp as a single mom.
    I do laundry/ cleaning once a week and I get him to help. He does the dusting, puts away his own laundry, puts out the garbage...little things that he can do plus kids should be and feel useful. That's how villages worked back in the day. Everyone has a part to do. Now I have to admit that I used to cringe because it wasn't done the way IIIII would've liked but it builds his self-esteem in the interim and that's much more important to me than my OCD :)
    You find a way that works for you eventually...all the best.
    P.S. Your husband can do chores too :)