Sunday, July 11, 2010


Eryn: Mom, I need my rabies shot.
Me: Honey, you don't need a rabies shot. You only need a rabies shot if you've been bitten by a dog with rabies.
Eryn: (Thinking) What's rabies?
Me: It's a disease that you get from a dog that attacks your brain and makes you go crazy.
Eryn: (Thinking) Well, maybe that's what's wrong with you. Maybe that's why your eye balls pop out and why you can't stop screaming...
Me: What?
Eryn: Yea, maybe that's why you get angry and start yelling at everyone in the house. Maybe you need to get a rabies shot!
Me: (Blank stare) What?

I can't believe some of the stuff that my six year old says sometimes...but I guess that's how she sees it. What's a mother to do?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sorry that it's been so long...I've been enjoying the summer and kids so much that I've been completely negligent of my business and this blog.

Over the last few months, I made a commitment to spend more time in the moment to get the most out of life. So lately, I've been listening, tasting, touching, smelling, reflecting and engaging ME in everything that I do. I've also spent some time organizing so that I can live in the moment and boy has that made life easier!

I've often spent time frustrated or feeling disappointed about some "thing" that I wasn't able to complete off of my Daily or Life To-Do lists. A few weeks ago, I realized that I spent so much time thinking about the "what I would've done differently" and "what I will do in the future" that I was missing everything that was going on around me.

What was the turning point you ask? Well...after multiple pleas for a game of dolls from my six year old, I realized that one day she may not be as eager to spend time with me, and could possibly want nothing to with me, and only everything to do with her friends as most teens do. So, I decided to take advantage of "now" because I may never get another opportunity to do "now" later.

How do you live in the "now"?