Sunday, July 11, 2010


Eryn: Mom, I need my rabies shot.
Me: Honey, you don't need a rabies shot. You only need a rabies shot if you've been bitten by a dog with rabies.
Eryn: (Thinking) What's rabies?
Me: It's a disease that you get from a dog that attacks your brain and makes you go crazy.
Eryn: (Thinking) Well, maybe that's what's wrong with you. Maybe that's why your eye balls pop out and why you can't stop screaming...
Me: What?
Eryn: Yea, maybe that's why you get angry and start yelling at everyone in the house. Maybe you need to get a rabies shot!
Me: (Blank stare) What?

I can't believe some of the stuff that my six year old says sometimes...but I guess that's how she sees it. What's a mother to do?

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  1. OMG, Eryn is hilarious! By the way if eyes popping and yelling is a sign of rabies, I might have rabies...yeah, one of those days.