Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Life has been a bit hectic for our family lately. Who would've thought the most difficult part of my return to work would be the enormous strain it has placed on my relationship with my husband. The adjustment has been rough for Eryn and Grant, but it seems the one who is taking it hardest is my husband.

Eryn has moved on to a new Gifted and Talented school (which I am soooooo proud about). Grant began attending daycare (although only for a short while....he's now with my mom because I was completely freaked out after week 4), Eric has taken an additional ad hoc temp assignment, Sasha our Papillon, has decided that she's on her own and has to walk and feed herself because I am too busy to care for her lately and me who is working to get the rhythm of working again...

Anyway, lately it seems that my husband and I can't stop fighting. The strain of my return to work has definitely created a ton of tension between the two of us, not to mention that we are both too exhausted for any kind of regular intimacy, or that we're lucky if we are awake and at home for more than 2 hours together, during which we are both working to prepare our kids for the next day. I did anticipate a bit of struggle while we each readjusted to a schedule with me outside of the house, but I never thought that it would be this challenging. We fight about pick and drop off of the kids, dinner, groceries, clean-up, weekends, shoes, socks, cereal, shirts, dust, crumbs...you name and we've argued about it lately.

I feel that we are struggling because we need to solidify our schedule, but my husband thinks that I am selfish....

Could I be?

I mean, is it wrong that I am looking for a bit of support while readjusting to working outside of the house?

Is it wrong, that I am trying to make a good impression with my boss and direct reports?

Is it wrong, that I wonder why my husband would completely adjust his schedule and take on an additional assignment separate from his normal 9-5 while I am transitioning back to work??????

Eric and I always see things differently...

How did your family manage when you or your partner returned to work after being at home?

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