Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There May Be Hope For Us!

So, I'm always looking for products to help preserve a bit of the lady that's now buried deep down inside...beneath the mother bit...

A few days ago, I found (on sale) at Duane Reade a new (or newly discovered by me) Speed Shine 10 Day Top Coat by Sally Hansen that promised to preserve my manicure for 10 chips, dents, scratches, etc. It also promised to dry my nail polish within 30 seconds...sounded too good to be true but I'm a sucker for stuff like this and infomercials, so I'm on 5 days and no chips, dents or scratches!

It did however, take a little longer than 30 seconds to dry completely but it definitely dried faster than any other top coat I've used before; especially considering that it dried solid versus just on top.

I'll give you all an update when I hit day 10! But if you want to try it it's now on sale for $3.62 (in NY) which is a great price!


  1. I am SO going to buy that Speed shine TODAY ! Thnx!

  2. Please update us and let us know if it really lasts 10 days!! I will be buying if it's true. I hate to do my nails and have chips the next day.

  3. Sorry to report's day 6 and I have small chips around the tips...

    But 5 days was good enough for me! I'll take it!