Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If You Have...

30 seconds...give your kids a hug & tell them you love them.

60 three pair of comfy undies that you will replace with three sexy pairs.

3 your husband/partner and tell him you love him.

5 minutes...clean out and restock your diaper bag.

10 minutes...clean out and restock your purse too.

15 minutes...add your kids' backpack also.

20 minutes...plan this week's dinner menu.

30 minutes...clean out the car.

60 minutes...catch up on the latest episode of Oprah or any other favorite show that you've been saving on TiVo or DVR, while giving yourself a manicure, and having mindless chat with someone who is completely uninterested in talking about kids...yours, theirs or anyone else's, while reading your favorite gossip mag and enjoying your favorite glass of wine....we're master multi-taskers...and it is perfectly okay to selfishly use this skill on ourselves once in a while!

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