Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why I Love Him...

Okay, so I'm sitting here, having a real 80's baby moment, listening to Luther Vandross and re-reading my last entry. Although we've had some rough patches, I'm so happy and feel so lucky to have my husband. On Thanksgiving, over a glass of wine, I had a serious confessional at the dinner table with a good friend and sister-n-law while gushing all about how much I liked my husband when I was a little girl. (This is truly a journal for me albeit that it's public, so I'll bring anyone reading this up to speed...)

My husband and I grew up a few buildings away from each other. He a few years older than me (now only a few but back then enough for him to overlook me.) Anyway...I would always pass him on trips to the grocery store, or gaze at him for a few minutes while my mother chatted with his mother or any other random neighbor...and I always thought he was sooooo handsome. Back then, I would've never imagined that we would be married with two children and almost 9 years behind us and loving him for he loving me and our children more than words can describe, for carrying all of the heavy bags, being compassionate and kind to everyone, for making me laugh, for teaching me to worry less and have faith, for giving great advice, for being a great friend to me and others, for never letting a day go by without kissing our kids and letting them know that he loves them, for bringing in take-out when he realizes that I didn't cook (and would prefer not to), for working really hard to take care of our family so that I have the option to decide whether or not to be a SAHM, for growing with me over the years, for having the confidence to truly believe that he is the 7th missing member of the singing group New Edition, for teaching my daughter what she should expect from her husband and my son how he should treat his wife and family and the list goes on....


  1. This is absolutely beautiful, However Latwan my husband is the missing member from New Edition...

  2. What a beautiful love story! May you be blessed with many more years to come :)

  3. Thanks Angela!

    @Silvia - my husband would've ousted Ralph Tresvant anyday!